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The redirect...

It's about time.
I log in to Livejournal almost every day to check my friends pages. Livejournal is my lifeline to my 'other' side, the one that has virtually passed out since going travelling and moving to the UK -- my writing side. I keep meaning to turn my livejournal into something more, something interesting, but -- let's face it -- it's been two years and it's not going to happen anytime soon.

Travelling Life
I do have another blog that I will try to relaunch in the future as a proper travel blog. It has all the entries from my backpacking year abroad in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. As I keep travelling, I'm going to try and keep updating. If you've stumbled across this entry, check it out at: http://amytravels.wordpress.com

Life in the UK.
I say that my writing life has momentarily lost consciousness but my life in publishing is still going strong. I moved to London, England in September 2008 on a whim and now (after a brief stint as an intern and an editorial assistant) I am an editor at London non-fiction publishing house. Sometimes I find that as radically hard to believe as if my own work was being published. It has both demystified and elevated the publishing industry for me, and intensified my desire to break into it as a novelist.

Writing is my one true love, and I thank you, LJ, for being my lifeline back into that world! 


Friends Only.

I guess I haven't done this yet.

Comment to be added.


Those of you unaware of my insane obsession with Miss Snark, now be enlightened: www.misssnark.blogspot.com

As such, she has sponsored a writing contest in which we had 24 hours to write a max 500-word piece using certain prompts (for more deets, see her blog). My entry is number 16 if you want to check it out!

In conclusion: writing rulz.


Who went to a movie with Eva Longoria three rows in front?


Edit: And Elijah Wood *eee frodo*


Hi everyone...

I think it's important that everyone should go here: www.youngwomenvote.ca to sign the petition.

This is the statement from their website:

There’s been lots of talk in the media, among politicians, academics and thinkers about “how young people aren’t getting out to vote” and that “the youth of today don’t care”. There is a lot of truth to these impressions. We are going to change this.

We have started a campaign, “The 20,000 Project”, because as young women, we want to show Canadians that we do care.

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